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“I’ve seen it! Each morning the clouds were chasing me!”

‘’I,, Article Series

The Power of I! Discover your path and learn to move forward each step.

Share with us your thoughts and stories.

My Writing Journey started with “Die Wolken” (from German: “the clouds”),

my first German poem. Ever since then my writing adventures have never stopped and I have carried on meeting good hearts all over the world that constantly supported me to achieve my dream for launching my book “Schönheit des Herzens” (from German: “Beauty of the Heart”).

Once, 2007/8, my German teacher initiated a poetry competition, this was just around the 2nd week of joining the

German Language course. I tried many ways until I ended up with Die Wolken! I was so proud as much as astonished and happy of this piece. Indeed, It was quite hard .. I didn’t expect to write more poems yet I really wished! Consequently, after certain weeks I feel I want to write! Thus, I write & so on...I achieved around 7 poems,

‘’ If I ever wrote 20 poems, I will publish a book’’, I said to myself.

That was my long term goal, self-motivation and deep in me I believe it.

‘’Actually, I’ve seen it! My book. Each morning the clouds were chasing me!’’.

So, I wrote 27 poems, then had the worst journey for publishing, but I’ve learnt how to turn such a bad situation into a new challenge!

Accordingly, I wrote another batch of 27 and then I said to myself if I don’t publish this book now, then it will never be published - Why I should wait for some extra hands to support-!

So, because it was my dream, I published it myself and here am I, celebrating my success journey. This writing journey was 5 years of my life! Schönheit des Herzens. From this point exactly, so many readers asked for my English poetry, Arabic poetry and Balochi poetry. In fact, I have none! Except my German Poetry Book. Overall, I started writing poetry in Arabic, English and finally one day I managed to write in Balochi too. That was a moment of glory!

‘’Your experiences sparked a lively debate particularly around goal setting and finding alternative strategies to ensure that outcomes are successful.’’Springboard Program, Oman, 2016.

Here let me share with you some Key learning points briefly:

  • Success is not based on luck or genius

  • Keep goals in view & handwritten

  • Discover your unique talents and strengths

  • Use progress as a driver to continue

  • Face your own weaknesses and go beyond other people’s fears and limiting beliefs

  • Sometimes you have to invest in your own dreams

  • Believe in yourself and maintain momentum even through setbacks

  • Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail

  • Opportunities follow when you network, even in seemingly inconsequential places

  • Remember to 'pay it forward' and help others with their dreams

Here's my recommendation

"Focus! Stay Focus! Focus on yourself! Keep creating new meaning for your life, creating new goals, new opportunities and go ahead enjoying yourself and success stories. Indeed, celebrate yourself". Lubna Al Balushi, Guest Speaker, Majan University College, Oman, 2020.

Now, 2020, I’m much more focused! My latest goal was to achieve my new poetry collection ''Language of Heart’’ . I reached 100/100!! Just because my goal is clear and precise! ‘’Anyway, it’s not the quantity of what you are looking forward to achieving, it's rather how much do you want to score’’. This is what you keep an eye on. I called it evaluation, once you find yourself that you can evaluate yourself, you should know you are on the right path. So, nothing to wait for. Go ahead!

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